Hi, I’m Yatrik Solanki, a software engineer based in Brooklyn, NY.
Currently making things at Architizer.

Yatrik Solanki

Brooklyn, NY


B.A. in Mathematics & Physics from the University of Florida (2015)



HTML/SCSS/PostCSS, Solr, Redis, Docker, Amazon Web Services (ECS, RDS, etc.), nginx, ELK, git, bash


ES6+/TypeScript, node.js, Angular 2, React, GraphQL, RxJS, webpack


Django, Flask, Celery, numpy/scipy/pandas


Architizer Software Engineer (September 2015 - Present)

Full-stack development and dev-ops for Architizer, a network marketplace for architects.

  • Architected & worked in a React/webpack frontend with server-side rendering in Django
  • Optimized, extended, and helped refactor Solr search engine implementation
  • Developed GraphQL API for Django application, improving load times on redesigned views by 70%
  • Optimized and improved dev-ops integrations for multiple repositories (containerization, continuous integration & deployment)


SocialVR Full-Stack Development (October 2017 - Present)

SocialVR is a WebVR based tool for students to collaboratively author and share VR experiences. Try it here.

  • Configured & optimized asynchronous client-side asset management
  • Developed and optimized UI components in Angular 2 with RxJS
  • Codified database schema evolution plan and extended the Django REST API

Call Them In Co-Founder (November 2016 - Present)

Call Them In is a service that emails users tailored call scripts to engage with their senators.

  • Rails backend allowing a team of 20+ to add & edit call scripts and email campaigns
  • Customized a self-hosted Node.js newsletter app allowing dynamic templating
  • Designed and developed responsive email templates & SCSS framework in Foundation

Wade in the Water Web Development (2015)

Wade in the Water is a grassroots oral history of Black lives in the United States.

  • Designed and developed the website with SCSS & jQuery
  • Set up a Jekyll backend with GitHub Pages
  • Visit the website, or view source at GitHub

Undergraduate Research

Astronomy (Summer 2014)

With Drs. Eric Ford and Matthew Payne, examined alternative models of solar system evolution in Python and FORTRAN 77. Presented the work as a poster (Constraining Planetary Migration in the Solar System using Satellite Orbits) at the American Astronomical Society.

Physics (Fall 2014 - Spring 2015)

With Dr. Selman Hershfield, simulated finite graphene lattices to predict small-field ferromagnetic response (worked in GNU Octave and MATLAB, as well as matplotlib for visualizations).